Passwords for archive files [experimental]

ClamAV allows for users to specify password attempts for certain password-compatible archives. Passwords will be attempted in order of appearance in the password signature file which use the extension of .pwdb. If no passwords apply or none are provided, ClamAV will default to the original behavior of parsing the file.

Currently, as of ClamAV 0.99 [flevel 81], only .zip archives using the traditional PKWARE encryption are supported. The signature format is:



  • SignatureName: name to be displayed during debug when a password is successful

  • TargetDescriptionBlock: provides information about the engine and target file with comma separated Arg:Val pairs

    • Engine:X-Y: Required engine functionality level. See the FLEVEL reference for details.
    • Container:CL_TYPE_*: File type of applicable containers
  • PWStorageType: determines how the password field is parsed

    • 0 = cleartext
    • 1 = hex
  • Password: value used in password attempt

The signatures for password attempts are stored inside .pwdb files.