Dynamic Configuration (DCONF)

ClamAV supports a limited set of configuration options that may be enabled or disabled via settings in the *.cfg database. At this time, these settings are distributed in daily.cfg.

The goal of DCONF is to enable the ClamAV team to rapidly disable new or experimental features for specific ClamAV versions if a significant defect is discovered after release.

This database is small, and the settings are largely vestigial. The team has not had a need to disable many features in a long time, and so the ClamAV versions in the settings at this time should no longer be in use.

The strings and values referenced in daily.cfg are best cross-referenced with the macros and structures defined here:

  • https://github.com/Cisco-Talos/clamav/blob/main/libclamav/dconf.h#L49
  • https://github.com/Cisco-Talos/clamav/blob/main/libclamav/dconf.c#L54

The format for a DCONF signature is:


Category may be one of:

  • PE
  • ELF
  • MAIL
  • PCRE


Every feature that may be configured via DCONF is listed in struct dconf_module modules in libclamav/dconf.c. Any given feature may be default-on or default-off. Default-on features have the 4th field set to a 1 and default off are set to 0. The Flags field for a given Category overrides the defaults for all of the options listed under that category.

A settings of 0x0, for example, means that all options the category be disabled.

The macros listed in libclamav/dconf.h will help you identify which bits to set to get the desired results.


This is the FLEVEL of the minimum ClamAV engine for which you want the settings to be in effect.


This is the FLEVEL of the maximum ClamAV engine for which you want the settings to be in effect. You may wish to select 255 to override the defaults of future releases.


Consider the OTHER_CONF_PDFNAMEOBJ option in the category OTHER.

#define OTHER_CONF_UUENC        0x1     // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_SCRENC       0x2     // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_RIFF         0x4     // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_JPEG         0x8     // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_CRYPTFF      0x10    // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_DLP          0x20    // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_MYDOOMLOG    0x40    // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_PREFILTERING 0x80    // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_PDFNAMEOBJ   0x100   // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_PRTNINTXN    0x200   // Default: 1
#define OTHER_CONF_LZW          0x400   // Default: 1

All of the OTHER options, including OTHER_CONF_PDFNAMEOBJ are default-on. To disable the option for ClamAV v0.100.X but leave the other options in their default settings, we would need to set the flags to:

0110 1111 1111
   ^pdfnameobj off

Or in hex: 0x6FF

The example setting to place in daily.cfg then woudl be: